Friday, 26 August 2011

Garden inspiration

My favorite garden inspiration from this summer 2011. A fantastic green, lush and masculine garden from Swedish Falsterbo.

Reene Witherspoon - Lindex

I like Lindex new campaign with cute actress Reese Witherspoon. I adore the ruffled denim blouse!!!

Dagmar- Autumn 2011

Check out some nice autumn looks from Swedish "GULDKNAPPEN" winner 2011 - Dagmar.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Vakre Hjem och terasser...

We are longing for a roof covered terrasse...some new inspiration from the latest issue of Vakre Hjem och Interior.

All photos from the latest issue of Vakre Hjem och Interior.

Lovely Sicily

We spent 6 wonderful days in Sicily in end of July. Our friends Terry and Antonia arranged a magical Sicilian party in Capo d'Orlando to celebrate Terrys magic no. Hence the trip to Sicily. We lost our luggage on the way down and had to start by shopping in Syracuse. Luckily enough, it was both incredibly beautiful and charming and had great shopping. For all who have thoughts to holiday in Sicily, I strongly recommend seaside resort of Taormina and bays around it and a visit to Syracuse. Palermo was crazy dirty and messy. Little Monreale with its beautiful mosaic Cathedral made ​​the visit inn Palermao worth the effort.
Other great things about Sicily: Les Cannolo Siciliano and other Sicilian sweets, the wine, the crystal blue ocean, Mount Etna and the smell of sulfur and the black lava rocks. Maybe the fact that everyone spoke poor English and that it was mostly vacationing Italians everywhere except in Palermo.

 Capo d´Orlando

Swedish summer

So I´m back after a couple of weeks of blogg vacation... Summer has been great!!!

 Gunnebo Slott 
 Bohus Malmön
Nordsten island