Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Back from our road trip to Oman

We had 4 great days in Oman. Now it´s nice to be back home. Oman - what a fantastic country! Wonderful and friendly people, just as curious about us as we are on them. Lovely surroundings and great beaches (a bit better in Dubai though) and the best soaks (markets) so far both in Muscat and in Nizwa.

 Muttrah Souk in Muscat

Day one we explored the beaches around Muscat. The day was sunny and about 25 degrees C.
We took beautiful photos that M by accident deleted that same afternoon...
These pictures are from day 2. Rain and about 17 degrees C...Our first rain since coming to the UAE in August.

Oman Diving Centre - a hot spot on a sunny day. The day before it was crowded and just lovely...

The Shangri la Resort in the background...

 Some local women by the beach

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